Intense Yellow Portrait Cut & Calibrated Table Cut Diamond Pinky Ring


Offering a new concept in Pinky Rings, an 18 karat white (unplated) gold unidirectional pinky ring housing a unique & rare slightly over half carat natural fancy intense yellow Portrait Cut diamond which is carefully hovering and positioned above a GemConcepts Vintage Style colorless Asscher Cut diamond.

The Vintage Style Asscher’s unique faceting and proportions is visibly enjoyed when viewing through the parallel tables of the yellow Portrait Cut diamond.

This unique pinky ring is further embellished with six colorless (D-F color) specially crafted Table Cut diamonds set in an exclusively designed setting leaning towards one side of the ring, the correct side.


Design & creator: GemConcepts
1 *Fancy Intense Yellow Portrait Cut diamond, 0.54 carat.
1 Vintage style colorless Asscher Cut diamond, 0.10carat
6 Table Cut Calibre diamonds, 0.58 carat total
Total weight for gemstones: 1.22 carat
18Kt white (no-rhodium) gold, —- grams.
Ring size: – — us
GIA: 1156350564


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