Star 1 Cushion Modified Brilliant Diamond

GemConcepts is calling this design “Star” simply as this Diamond cut exhibits a distinct four Ray Star when cut to the precision levels of GemConcepts. Achieving and displaying a beautiful designed light show of mostly large and slow events of colorful flashes when in movement which is distinctive from most generic Cushion Modified Brilliants offered on the market presently.

This is currently the only generic cut we offer in our Signature Cut Portfolio. It’s a modern Cushion Modified Brilliant designed and cut to the highest Optical Precision abilities GemConcepts brings to its client offerings.

The cut is based on a standard eight (8) fold facet design which is rarer than the much more common four (4) or (6) fold designs offered in the general market.

As with all our signature Diamond designs, this cut enjoys both the “Sculptured” and “Kozibe” effects, the first is an actual visual of the Diamond’s 3D structure. It’s possible thanks to the higher crowns which highlight our signature cuts and will reveal its splendor also when set in its final setting position.

The latter is the optical effect which originates from applying a small to medium sized culet facet. It’s a reflected spread of the faceted culet visible through the crown & table of the Diamond adding character to the visual and also plays as a durability prevention role.


Star 1 Cushion Modified Brilliant Diamond by GemConcepts
star 1 diamond technical image
star 1 diamond technical image
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