Split Crown Old Mine Brilliant Diamond

This wonderfully newly designed “old world” cushion cut Diamond originates as early as the first half of the 17th Century. Technically it’s identified as an Old Mine Cut – brilliant cushion shape but present day laboratories mostly identify them as modified cushion brilliant as it possesses more facets than a standard 57-58 facet brilliant.

Historical cut reminiscing this new cut is:
Tiffany Yellow is a square double decked cushion cut brilliant of 128.54 carats. Cut back towards the end of the 19th Century, it possessed an unprecedented 82 facets vs. the classic 58 facet designs of the day. Quotation derived from Herbert Tillander’s book called “Diamond Cuts in Historic Jewelry – 1381 to 1910”:

“…The golden-yellow Tiffany is not only a typical stellar-cut brilliant with a star-like arrangement of small facets around the culet, but the crown is stepped, which consequently involves splitting the main facets. This was a standard procedure…”

We took an old classic brilliant facet design and improved its handling of light and appearance which results in an incredible bright classic cushion brilliant which will satisfy any high precision connoisseur.

Its appearance is derived from extra-large and slow events of white and color flashes when in movement and will enjoy most light environments.


Split Crown Old Mine Brilliant Diamond
Split crown old mine diamond technical image
Split crown old mine diamond technical image
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