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At GemConcepts, our goal is to provide a unique experience and support our clients throughout the whole purchasing or bespoke journey.

Our approach is rooted in the bespoke world of services, meaning not only will we design & plan our Diamonds and Gem cuts to our client’s exact specifications but we will continue our support further down the line wherever we can assist with the actual jewel creation, no matter the size of order. This is a way of life for us.

Alternatively, we also offer a unique bespoke jewel design & crafting service which is executed by fitting our exclusive diamond & gem cuts into their immaculate metal design potentials.

Because we don’t consider ourselves conventional, we also do not feel comfortable asking our clients for reviews. It is not that we don’t appreciate good reviews, but we believe our clients have the right to choose such review contributions on their own free will.

Alternatively, there are plenty of personal stories and experiences which our clients themselves contributed on various public online platforms which we feel confident enough to share with you.

Sifting through social applications such as,, Instagram, and LinkedIn will reveal plenty of content about our professional abilities and education we have been offering for the last two decades.
Mainly you will be able to read about and also conceive some of our works which we stand behind proudly.

Living & working in this time and age where e-commerce is becoming a norm, we are well aware of the importance and quality assurance clients desire prior to such substantial purchases.

For these reasons we decided to highlight some communication excerpts for the comfort of your reading but by all means, feel free to explore further.

“I happened to see the first progression post showing the rough and digital image. I saw it just after he posted it and flipped out because I knew it was an Octavia!! I emailed him that very second and asked if it was truly going to be an Octavia then could I purchase it????? I completely trust Yoram, and knew it would be a knockout! He responded with a yes and the rest is history.“
“I always wanted an Octavia since it came out years ago. I received the package earlier this month. The whole ring took my breath away. Yoram did more than expected. The setting is so dainty and the prong looks almost non-existent as they’re dainty and clawy. “
“And that’s how you do customer service. You’ve just guaranteed me as a future customer at some point @diagem (although admittedly your stones did that all by themselves some time ago!).”
“Yoram is a true gem to work with, and I feel like I have found a new friend in the industry! If you are looking for something unique, out of the ordinary, or customized, Yoram is the man to seek!! I can not recommend him enough!!!”
“..Yoram had great insight to keep some of these magnificent diamond cuts from the past alive. His antique cuts rival the very best of the originals! I have been in love with Yoram's stones since discovering him here many years ago. I consider myself very fortunate to have some of his stones as future heirlooms!.”
“A few months ago, I happened to see a beautiful light yellow antique cushion on IG that turned out to be an early August Vintage Cushion cut by Yoram (Gem Concepts)! That was a perfect combination of a stone I loved (AVC, designed by Jonathan of, in the color I wanted, and cut by Yoram, a gifted master cutter who had also cut my beautiful AVR! It is a GIA 1.63 Y-Z VVS2"
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