Two Superb Antique Old Mine Cut Diamonds


Number of Gems: 2

Weight: 41 Carat Total Weight

Two Superb Antique Old Mine Cut Diamonds-1

Two Superb Antique Old Mine Cut Diamonds-2

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    Antique diamonds come in many shapes, forms and cutting styles.

    This unique offerings are both an exemplar for antique diamonds cut well over a hundred years ago. Their significant size and craftsmanship are living attestant to the fine works of specialized craftsmen of by-gone era.

    Such two diamonds have with no doubt housed important jewels of their times and now we have an opportunity to offer you these two beautiful diamonds with historical significance.

    A 15 carat slightly elongated Old Mine Cut diamond of yellowish tint and very good crystal, this diamond was crafted for beauty over weight retention which is by itself considered a rare even for their times.

    Measuring slightly over 16x15mm (corner to corner 17mm.) and carrying a shallow depth of 8.90mm (58% total depth), coupled with a small table (47%) and very consistent proportions which are no doubt for the beautiful play-of-lights this diamond offers its viewers.

    A very special square Old Mine Cut diamond of slightly over 26 carats in a yellowish tint and good crystal, its clarity would be considered a very good SI1 (two VS proportionally sized center inclusions positioned by the center of the table).

    As with the former, this diamond was also crafted to showcase its beauty over size/weight, attesting to this fact are its exemplary proportions which again are proof to superior craftsmanship for the relevant period. Even though its body color is of yellowish tint, its play-of-lights are a perfect mask to that fact. Their faceting placements and proportions are directly responsible for their superb bright appearance and light play when in motion.

    Measuring slightly over 18x18mm (corner to corner surpassing 20mm.) and again carrying a depth of 10mm. (59% total depth). Table size is 54% with a significant crown height of 19% allowing the crown facets to display their full optical wonders.

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    41 Carat Total Weight

    Number of Gems


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