Antique Ruby Carré Step Cut 3 Stone suite


Number of Gems: 3

Weight: 1.076

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    Even though these antique rubies possess quite a bit of wear and tear through their long years of existence, I have decided to offer them as-is…, a set of three unique carré step cut rubies.

    Fashioned about 100 years ago.., these rubies definitely have the craftsmanship which authenticate their antique status, they each possess off-symmetry step facets and extremely shallow proportions (< 2.00mm) which gives them a great face for such low carat weight.

    These three ruby gems which possess that many age marks and faults makes them quite unique and not less beautiful. A great suite for a storied jewel..

    Available loose or as a bespoke and storied experience.

    More individual information on these Three rubies:

    stone 1: 0.444ct 4.80 x 4.40 x 1.91 mm
    stone 2: 0.321ct 4.80 x 4.40 x 1.25 mm
    stone 3: 0.315ct 4.70 x 4.53 x 1.21 mm




    Transparent with some unique inclusion that play and disrupt the lights in certain positions


    Beautiful rich red

    Dimensions mm

    Specified in info

    Product type



    Carré step cuts



    Number of Gems


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