Octavia Diamond™

This innovative Square Emerald step cut design brings a new and unique visual experience to its viewer. Besides possessing a unique step cut faceting design & structure which can be easily identified when comparing to any other known generic Square Emerald step cuts in the market, this innovative design brings a visual appearance (play of light) which is not obvious to laymen or professional viewers.

The extremely tight proportions of this new Square Emerald step cut design will produce a consistent unique visual “play of light” which is different from the known visual created by generic Square Emerald step cut proportions. Usually step cut faceting designs display a light return appearance mimicking long flashes of light return caused by the elongated nature of the facets shapes and proportions.

This new Square Emerald Cut design incorporates a significantly higher crown in harmony with a significantly smaller table facet which are directly responsible for its unique “play of light”. Further the exact proportions of each and every one of the facets applied will generate the consistent signature appearance Octavia is known for.

When comparing the “play of light” to other generic Square Emerald Cuts (elongated and very slow flash events of light return), this innovative design offers an evenly scattered bright faceup appearance created by slow to fast events of medium to large blocky white light & colored fire flashes who work in harmony due to its unique proportions. By creating additional virtual facets (when comparing to generic Square Emerald Cuts) by design will allow the viewer the ability to enjoy the scintillating effects which usually are minimal in generic Square Emerald cuts.

Additional visual feature this cut offers is the “Three Dimensional Sculpture Effect”. The “Three Dimensional Sculpture Effect” originating from its high crown height intensifies the crown facet external light reflection which gives a sculptured feeling when actually set in jewelry.


octavia diamond technical image
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