Modern 8 fold Cushion Brilliant Diamond

This brilliantly designed & cut Cushion Shaped Brilliant reflects a new way of Diamond creation.

To the best of our knowledge, this Cushion Brilliant Cut is the first of its kind because it was designed entirely to perform more intensely when in motion (e.g. tilted position) than in the face-up position.

This design incorporates a significantly shallower pavilion in optical harmony with a steeper & higher crown for a standard 58 facet brilliant design. This design exhibits an incredible “colored light orchestra” in a plurality of lighting environments.

Its colored flashes of fire scatter across the entire face-up area of the Diamond when in slight motion, and the fire intensifies as it moves more rapidly. Its fire phenomena are incredible, with flashes constantly changing in size, depth and speed.

As with all our signature Diamond designs, this cut enjoys a look we call the “Sculptured Effect”. It’s an actual visual of the Diamond’s 3D structure, which is possible thanks to the higher crowns that highlight our signature cuts. The “Sculptured Effect” will reveal its splendor when the Diamond is placed in its final setting.


M8F Diamond
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