Diamond Color Distribution

Aug 12, 2021

Diamond Color Distribution

Around the early 1990’s, faceting designs and proportions for colored diamonds took a new turn in diamond design with the R&D of color retention areas as main reflectors.

I roughly estimate over 90% of colored diamonds cut since were designed to primarily exhibit or reflect internal color zones in the face-up position. The issue is we rarely observe diamond jewels in the faceup position. To enjoy diamonds and their optical displays, light and movement is a required necessity.

This slightly greenish-yellow Old Mine Cut diamond was designed and cut to that old-school believe that play-of-lights is a diamond’s primary objective. We are able to notice its faceup and body color matches pretty nicely in hue, tone and depth. A considered rarity these days.

If you are interested more on this intriguing subject, I welcome you to read my full article: https://gemconcepts.net/cutting-fancy-color-diamonds/

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About Yoram Finkelstein

About Yoram Finkelstein

Mr. Finkelstein a proud second generation Diamond cutter. In 2010 He founded GemConcepts Ltd. which specializes in designing and cutting unique Diamonds using a new approach, a new philosophy. GemConcepts design Diamonds that mix the “old world” approach with the newest cutting-edge technologies.


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