Crème de la Crème – From a Gem Dealers Private Caché

Apr 24, 2022

Crème de la Crème – From a Gem Dealers Private Caché

When it come to antique diamonds and the centuries old history such faceted diamonds carry, its no wonder (or actually perhaps a wonder) each antique diamond offers a different visual even when they were considered matching by their old protocols…, each diamond a world apart with a common objectives…, their iconic transparency and sparkle!

Last week I got an opportunity to select such little treasures from a gem dealers personal caché collected over some decades. The rarity of my selection can be translated by their superb qualities and diversified cut periods.

  • Craftsmanship evolution (structural & play-of-lights to their relative historic periods),
  • Water (crystal- colorless to near-colorless material) and
  • Transparency (natural internal irregularities).

Finding such qualities seems to have become rarer across all sizes of antique diamonds (not exclusive to large sizes anymore). Whenever you are lucky enough to find such gems, most will be inferior in quality on all 3 aspects mentioned above.

As can be noticed in the picture, their cut history ranges over a period of several centuries, from as early at the mid 17th century on…, We can find old Peruzzi or also known as triple cuts (1650’s) to the slightly more rounded shapes and symmetry (late 1870’s) prior to the invention of the girdle bruting machines by the sweeping industrial revolution..

As I selected from that unique caché, I noticed a few weirder looking faceting styles, one of which was particularly beaten and abraded through its long history. Of course I selected those as well but they deserve their own iFeed post which will be coming up soon.


Hope you enjoyed…

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About Yoram Finkelstein

About Yoram Finkelstein

Mr. Finkelstein a proud second generation Diamond cutter. In 2010 He founded GemConcepts Ltd. which specializes in designing and cutting unique Diamonds using a new approach, a new philosophy. GemConcepts design Diamonds that mix the “old world” approach with the newest cutting-edge technologies.


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