Stairway to Green Mountain Pinky Ring

Another one of our exclusive pinky ring designs, this minimalistic, delicate platinum ring was designed to house two natural gem treasures…, centering a beautiful old world faceted antique Brazilian emerald embellished by a curved staircase of unique Table Cut diamonds which were innovatively planned and crafted for a complimented flowing fit.

I chose to set this beautiful four carat antique Brazilian emerald upside-down to highlight its unique old world faceting style, proportions and allow a unique visual into its inner world…, a pure beautifully glowing medium dark bluish green, wonderful water displaying it’s natural jardin-like inclusions which I believe are part & parcel of this jewel’s visual experience.

This pinky ring is further embellished on one side (the correct side) of the ring shank with nine specially designed and crafted Table Cut diamonds which traveled back from history into this carefully and beautifully designed 21st century curved diamond stairway leading up to the emerald.., the green mountain. No doubt an innovative complication for present jewelry design!

We invite you to view some snips from its initial journey from inception on our Instagram hashtag #gemconceptspinky5

Also, You are invited to read Our Article documenting this Pinky ring creation from its original inception through the designing and finally its unique crafting process.


Design & Creator: GemConcepts

1 Antique Brazilian Emerald, 4.09 carat
Measurements: 10.61 x 8.82 x 5.57 mm.
9 Three Dimensional Table Cut Diamonds, 0.50 carat

Total weight for gemstones: 4.59 carat
Platinum, 3.51 grams.
Ring size: —- us

GIA: 2215933157

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