Georgian inspired Collette band rings

My involvement in this industry started a bit over 35 years ago and for the last two decades I have been exclusively designing, cutting and supplying Antique Cut Diamonds & Gems. My focus is mainly on the different shapes, faceting and cutting styles which popularized various periods and their signature appearances.

During the last few years I have been toying around with some design ideas which I absorbed through the long standing relationships I share with some exquisite designers & jewelers around the world.

I have decided to share my humble beginnings and bring forth some design ideas which combine both my period cut Diamonds in harmony with a collection of antique & vintage gems that my family has been custodians for over 60 yrs.

Our colored gems are a collection of old gem materials such as Colombian Emeralds, Sapphires & Rubies from old Burma and Ceylon. The collection consists of various sizes, cuts, shapes and colors but most importantly the gemstones are natural as most were during that period in time. Our gems are randomly checked by GIA laboratories to confirm their natural status.

I am introducing a small collection of eight rings from the “Collette Circle Bands”, each ring is one-of-a-kind, made from natural precious materials only. The design of these rings adheres to the Antique designs from the Georgian Era. We added some of our flair to the play-of-metals on some rings, but mostly the bands mimic the protocol of the popular “collet settings” of that Era which were mostly created from silver topped (high karatage) gold.

The Georgian Era, a time when platinum was not yet utilized, and jewelers used silver to set diamonds. These silver settings when patinated were believed to enhance the sparkle of colorless diamonds. During that period jewelry used to be worn over clothing, the gold bottoms eliminated the tarnish reaction from the silver thus protecting both the fabrics and skin of the wearer.

The designs we offer incorporate oxidized silver, 22kt gold, Platinum and 18kt red gold (on more contemporary pieces). Each ring is set with carefully picked various shapes gems unique to the individual design, some have a play with different colored Gems with or without Diamonds.

All the Diamonds and the Gems of this collection are secured with unique platinum prongs (except where described differently.) Living in present times and regarding gems as small treasures, I believe gems should be secured with platinum prongs. The platinum prongs also add contrast and character to the jewel.

The purpose of this collection is to offer an old classic with a fun fashionable vibe. As I move forward we are planning to slowly add more one-of-a-kind jewels. Please bare with me until I slowly create this unique new jewel collection.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the jewels.

Yoram Finkelstein.

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