French Cut Diamonds

French Cut Diamond

Innovative experimentations on the Table Cut, throughout history, eventually led to the origins of the Step and Scissor Cuts. Those in turn evolved into the French Cut Diamond faceting design we presently are familiar with. French Cuts were available in a wide variety of faceting combinations, but only a few survived the test of time. It is rare to find French Cut Diamonds set into jewels; however Art-Deco Era jewels are the most likely host.

GemConcepts French Cut Diamonds are cut to the true historic proportions and faceting designs. French Cut Diamonds possess a minimal number of facets (18-24 facets in total). if the proportions on such a low face count design are not correctly applied, they will appear dull and watery from the get go. This will only worsen as dirt starts to accumulate on the pavilion.

GemConcepts currently offers, as part of our Period cut collection, several facet design variations. Those come in a plurality of geometric shapes and precision levels (trapezoidal or any other polygonal shapes), to complement and fit almost any jeweler designs.

We believe that creativity has no limits and are focused on delivering Diamonds that can support the ambitions of jewelry designers.

We currently cut the following classic faceting designs:

Single crown corner faceting (one triangular facet on each corner) resulting in a four sided Diamond shaped table.
Split crown corner faceting (two triangular facets on each corner). The split crown version creates a type of octagonal shaped table.
Stepped pavilion geometries for a more efficient and wide range of setting limitations.

At GemConcepts we strongly believe that each and every facet has a crucial role in the appearance of a polished Diamond. Each of our French Cut Diamonds (no matter the size), has especially applied triangular pavilion corner facets. Those are an important component in the play of light, contrast and character. As with all our Diamond cuts, a polished culet is added to display a distinct Kozibe effect.

From the antique patina look and feel to ultra-modern precision, we are in full control of minutia adjustments and, upon request, can be applied to all our classic cuts.


French Cut Diamond by GemConcepts
French Cut Diamond by GemConcepts
French Cut Diamond by GemConcepts
split crown french cut diamond
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