A Fancy Intense Yellow Old Mine Cut Diamond

Antique Diamonds are mostly found in light yellowish tinted material due to natural evolvement through history. (More on this Here) Unlike the common yellowish Diamonds, this beautiful Diamond was cut and polished from rare fancy colored Rough, Fancy colored Old Mine Cuts are a true rarity and very hard to come by.

This square shaped 1.38 carat displays a prominent yellow appearance, GIA issued a “Fancy Intense Yellow” grade (one grade level below “fancy vivid” which is considered the top of its class).

It was cut to antique faceting & proportions emphasizing its three dimensional optical effect which allows the viewer to enjoy its rare color from all directions. Different from its generic counterparts which normally display a crushed ice appearance, this Diamond displays large blocky flashes of light as is expected from Antique Cuts.

Adding to its rarity is its crystal, a pure-clean water which earned a VVS1 clarity grade (also one grade level below the top grade of Internally Flawless).

This Old Mine Cut measures a respectable perfect square 6.35x6.35mm diameter and displays beautiful a high crown which blends in harmony with its small table which allows the Diamond pop out of its setting for the viewers enjoyment. It also possesses an optical “Kozibe” effect, a reflective spread of the open cutlet through the whole crown area of the Diamond.

Our motto is to bring to market beautiful, unique and specialty cuts. Our Gem descriptions try to let you envision the beauty of the Gem and its attributes. We are aware that gemological information is important to our clients so we offer grading reports as a supplement only. We do not guarantee any of its gemological conclusions or grading.

GIA gemological findings:
Report No: 6157694874
Weight: 1.38 carat
Shape: Old Mine Brilliant
Dimensions: 6.35 x 6.35 x 4.59 mm.
Origin: Natural
Color: Fancy Intense Yellow
Distribution: Even
Clarity: VVS1

Price: 14,000 USD

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