A beautiful 2 mm. French Cut Diamond line

Offering a line of two millimeter carat French Cut Diamonds. This line is versatile and can be purchased as a whole line or in any other preferable combination like pairs, singles and/or other possible layouts. Such a line will also be more sufficient for the creation of a full circle eternity ring as well.

Featuring forty two square French Cut Diamonds cut to a lozenge shaped table design resembling the French Cuts set in Art-Deco jewels in the beginning of the 20th century.

Each French Cut Diamond possesses a unique and significant crown height which allows a visual of what we call “the sculptured effect”, a feature which not only allows an internal play-of-light from within the Diamond but also external facet reflections caused by its three dimensional proportions and unique faceting arrangement.

Like the original French Cut Diamonds of the era, these also possess an open culet displaying the “Kozibe” effect and the unique pavilion corner facets which are key in achieving the look and charm these cuts are meant to display.

Our motto is to bring to market beautiful, unique and specialty cuts. Our Gem descriptions firstly try to let you envision the beauty of the Gem and its attributes. On non-Laboratory graded Diamonds we try to relay our grading estimations as realistic as we can,

We are aware that gemological information is important to our clients so we offer grading reports for larger Diamonds as a supplement only. We do not guarantee any of its gemological conclusions or grading.

Our gemological findings for the lot:
French Cuts available in this lot: 42 pcs.
Weight: 2.35 carats total for the line or approximately 0.05 to 0.06 carats per stone.
Shape: Square French Cut (Lozenge shaped table)
Dimensions: 2.10 to 2.00 mm. range
Color: G+
Clarity: VS2+

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