First water Peruzzi Diamond™

This new and innovative recreation, of the first brilliant cut developed by 17th. Century Venetian lapidary Vincenzo Peruzzi is cut to a delicate slightly curved shape with pointy corners. While utilizing present technologies available we had the pleasure to re-design such a unique & classic brilliant shape by adding our own three dimensional proportions formula in order to achieve the play of light this unique cut offers.

This Diamond offers a super bright appearance because of it’s proportions and faceting design creating an unobstructed view of most of its pavilion facets viewed through the table and crown. The slender corner facets are responsible for the contrast which breaks up its total brightness. Such an appearance creates transparency & limpidity which with no doubt would have been considered a Diamond of “first water” in Historical times.

It’s colorlessness is absolute and it’s transparency is fully loupe clean in our opinion.

As with all our Diamonds, this one offers an amazing three dimensional view caused by its significant higher crown height balanced with its small (48%) table. A medium sized Kozibe effect adds the characteristics of an old world Diamond to such an innovative cut.

Its sleek shape will with no doubt create a unique and different look in today’s square cut option offerings.

Our motto is to bring to market beautiful, unique and specialty cuts. Our Gem descriptions try to let you envision the beauty of the Gem and its attributes. We are aware that gemological information is important to our clients so we offer grading reports as a supplement only. We do not guarantee any of its gemological conclusions or grading

GIA Gemological findings:
Report No: 6245336578
Weight: 1.01 carats
Shape: Cushion Brilliant
Dimensions: 5.84 x 5.83 x 3.95mm
Color: D
Clarity: VVS2
Inscription: Peruzzi

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