An Asscher Cut Diamond of “first water”

“The first water in diamonds means the greatest purity and perfection of their complexion, which ought to be that of the purest water…”
Encyclopedia Britannica; arts, sciences, and miscellaneous literature: the fourth edition, circa 1810.

Featuring a beautiful & colorless 2.52 carat Asscher Cut Diamond with a vintage flair. This Diamond was cut specially for the person who wishes to visually enjoy a cut design respecting both the old and modern world. Designed and cut to display a unique Art Deco flair, feel and appearance while adhering to innovation of three dimensional faceting precision rarely seen today. A complete geometrical play-of-light, A true “Gem”!

This Asscher Cut would have earned with no doubt the term “Diamond of first water”, an historical term for the clearest and most purest material reflecting an illusion resembling drops of clear water. It’s mild blue fluorescence reveals a beautiful translucent crystal which adds mystery and allure to its viewer.

Our motto is to bring to market beautiful, unique and specialty cuts. Our Gem descriptions attempt to let you envision the beauty of the Gem and its attributes. We are aware that gemological information is important to our clients so we offer grading reports as a supplement only.
We do not guarantee any of its gemological conclusions or grading.

GIA Laboratories Gemological findings:
Report No: 1172786958
Weight: 2.52 carat
Shape: Square Emerald Cut
Dimensions: 7.56x7.49x5.36mm
Color: D
Clarity: VVS2
Inscriptions: GIA 1172786958

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