Contemporary Collet Set French Cut Diamond Ring


This ring is featuring an antique style diamond cut, a square French Cut diamond which was crafted to the *Georgian period jewelry protocol of metals which reflected diamonds set in silver over high karatage yellow gold.

We twisted the design a bit to offer both a contemporary look and old charmed feel and texture, a visual mending of history and present.

For this ring design, we have incorporated both silver and 22kt gold on both the collet and the band, the interior of the band is 22kt gold while its exterior is darkened (oxidized) silver. A unique mending of these two precious metal.


Creator: GemConcepts
French Cut Diamond, 0.60 carat
Silver over 22kt Gold, Platinum Prongs
Ring size: – us
Price: US$ 4,950

*Silver-topped gold was a standard setting practice originating around the middle of the 18th century – middle of the Georgian Era – which allowed silver setting to be backed by gold.

The reason for this metal combination comes from the fact that silver alone would tarnish and if in contact with fabric or skin could leave discoloration-marks and/or stains. The gold does not oxidize and therefore would leave no marks.

This setting design & process continued to be utilized until the latter part of the 19th century when technology allowed the use of platinum for jewelry creations.

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