Colombian Green Mountain Glow Ring


Gem design

This jeweled journey started with a selection of an antique Colombian emerald from our very old collection. Since its proportions were quite off and it carried some non aesthetic age marks, I have decided to refashion this emerald to a very unique smoothed finish.

First I turned it upside-down into a cabochon style and smoothed out only the 4 corners from base to summit, further conserving the 4 pyramide mains allowing a display of their genuine antique faceting.

Ring design

I chose to craft a ring that will definitely crown this beautiful green mountain, designing a simple yet intricate silver base as the emerald’s platform; the silhouette of the base is further embellished by 24 customly designed and cut pyramide formed diamonds that compliment the green mountain beautifully.

The ring (shank) was designed with a twist (literally), roughly finished with 22kt gold to add that extra visible contrast between the yellow and white metals. Similarly to most of my work, the emerald is secured by long and thin platinum claws, almost a required necessity in my opinion.

Interested in following this rings story from its inception, its journey is well documented on our Instagram page at #gemconceptsemerald1013


Creator: GemConcepts
Colombian Emerald, 10.13 carats
Measurements: 15.18×10.96×8.87mm.
20 square pyramid cut diamonds, 1.06 carat
Total weight for gemstones: 11.19 carats.
22kt gold, silver & platinum, – grams.
Ring size: – us
GIA: 5211333002

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