A full circle “Collette” Georgian inspired multi-gem band ring

A full circle antique style collet set gemstone ring created with a variety of asymmetrical GemConcepts Old Mine Cut Diamonds alternating with genuine vintage Rubies and a Sapphire. Set in our uniquely designed *oxidized silver topped 22kt gold ring-band.

We created this ring with the same concept as executed in historical times but added our twist as a design element.

The collet set band is set with 15 Diamonds & Gems for a total weight of 1.954 carats.

Collette Georgian inspired multi-gem band ring
Collette Georgian inspired multi-gem band ring

Creator: GemConcepts
10 Old Mine Diamond shapes cut by GemConcepts, 1.071 carat total.
4 Old Cut Rubies, 0.688 carat total.
1 Old Cut Sapphire, 0.195 carat total.
Total weight gemstones: 1.954 carats.
Oxidized silver & 22 karat gold, 2.41 grams
Ring size: 6 us

Price: USD 5,750

*Silver-topped gold was a standard setting practice originating around the middle of the 18th century – middle of the Georgian Era – which allowed silver setting to be backed by gold, the reason for this metal combination comes from the fact that silver alone would tarnish and if in contact with fabric or skin could leave discoloration-marks and/or stains. The gold does not oxidize and therefore would leave no marks.
This setting process continued to be practiced until the latter part of the 19th century when technology allowed the use of platinum for jewelry creations.

Oxidizing silver is a process where we treat sterling silver to a liquid called liver of sulfur. The silver’s reaction transforms the outer layer into a dark patinated appearance which simply accelerates the natural silver tarnishing process. A controlled process application will allow a range of subtle spectral-color glares to be noticeable such as blues, reds, greens and more.

Over time and depending on the amount of wear you give your rings, the oxidized finish will change creating the look and feel Antique jewels usually display. As a general note, oxidized silver jewelry should not be cleaned with jewelry cleaning dips or polishing which can strip the blackened patinated surface. For cleaning, use a mild dish detergent and soft toothbrush with as little rubbing as possible.”

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