GemConcepts Bespoke Diamond Services

From design idea to plan, from suitable rough diamond acquisition, planning & cutting to exact design specifications and various faceting styles. We provide unique solutions to bring your designs to life just as you envision.

The Service

GemConcepts now offers custom diamond cutting solutions aimed to supply jewelry designs tailored to unique specifications. We have extensive experience in cutting unique shaped diamonds to complement creative design visions.

For our clients who offer bespoke jewelry, we offer solutions that can enrich their designs and imagination. Feel free to dream, we’re here to help you fulfill your jewelry dreams.

Since we design and cut all our diamonds, we are able to offer diamonds that are cut to a wide combination of shapes, *facet styles, sets and sizes. We are now receiving orders to accommodate any unique requests.

Today it seems like jewelry enthusiasts are becoming more comprehensive in regards to their purchasing preferences, with the internet at the tip of their fingers, they now have the ability to choose and envision instead of purchasing solely what is being offered.

Such unique requests and tasks can only be achieved via a bespoke process, we are here to offer you the ability to accept such tasks with a clear mind, we offer our professional involvement as support.

*we have extensive experience cutting faceting styles of bygone eras, from as early as historical diamond cuts were developed to the most advanced and precise 3D optical symmetry cuts of tomorrow.


The Design Idea

Designs are an expression of the minds, they are wonderful but they begin as an illusionary vision. Many jewelers find that translating design ideas into practice often requires technical knowledge and understanding.

Diamonds are the hardest material on earth, not all diamond design ideas can be materialized into physical diamond cuts!!

Some intricate jewelry designs will require alterations to allow certain unique diamond cuts to fit the design, especially three dimensional designs.

Not every two dimensional sketch idea can be realized into a three dimensional jewel. We understand diamond capabilities & limitations and will support you with your design if changes are required or needed.

The Diamond Planning

Once we receive jewelry design specifications from our clients, the planning process of the diamonds begin. Starting with locating and choosing the right rough diamonds to fit the design specifics.

Selecting the correct weights, rough forms, colors and clarities requires a masterful eye and a lot of experience in order to execute a seamless process. Diamonds are a highly valued material and there is no room for errors.

Every rough diamond no matter its size or weight will earn the same professional planning and preparing. We use the most advanced technical tools in order to plan and cut diamonds to a perfect fit and efficiency for the creation of the jewel.

Jewelry Planning

At GemConcepts we also offer unique solutions for jewelry design and planning. Because we plan and cut all our own diamonds, we are able to offer an innovative service designing jewels to precisely house and frame each of the diamonds being prepared.

3D scanning of each prepared diamond will allow creating a jewel based on the diamond’s actual 3D structure. This will eliminate any accuracy and proportional issues down the creation journey. A genuine and complete fit.

We assist designers with the creation of the jewel to exact stats with a 3D perspective.

Measurements, The Jewelry Foundations

Jewelry design is not solely about 2D measurements by incorporating hand sketches beforehand, we look at designs with a 360 degree perspective, it’s all about the precise positions, sizes, heights and angles, only after a precise design are we able to cut diamonds to fit in a bespoke fashion.

When receiving design plans and or actual metal artifacts from our clients, We then begin a complex measuring process, this entails 3D scanning of objects in order to achieve the most precise measurements required.

Only then are we able to design and cut diamonds with correct proportions and play-of-lights which will complement a finished jewel. This is key for intricate type settings which require almost no tolerances but still require great safely made structures.

Our Cutting Services

Our team of cutters have extensive experience and skills necessary for any complicated task. Unlike most cutters who were trained to cut diamonds to an assembly line process model, each one of our cutters crafts each and every diamond from start to finish, no matter it’s size or value. This was always a standard practice at GemConcepts.

By incorporating such a unique solo system, our margins of error are minimized to almost non-existent. This allows us the freedom to be challenged with any complicated designs that is thrown at us. We are very confident in our abilities that if there is an error, we will cut it again and rest assured, it will not be your problem.

Our MOTTO – We take pride in our work and craftsmanship, we do not compromise!

We invite you to share your design dreams with us confidentially and allow us to translate your visions into reality.

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