Antique Ruby & French Cut Diamond Pinky Ring

Antique Ruby & French Cut Diamond Pinky Ring


A new design concept exclusively for pinky finger rings, firstly a small and dainty ring purposely designed solely to comfortably fit a pinky and to act as a design base palette for many possible gem adornment possibilities. The sky’s the limit creative wise.

Designed to display its potential gem adornments on the correct side of this innovative unidirectional shank, a unique asymmetric design which allows its wearer to present its uniqueness by letting viewers visually enjoy the gem embellishments from the top of the finger down to its side where in most rings just a metal band is visible.

We designed this first prototype in 18kt Red Gold set with a natural flat old-cut ruby at its off-centered position (top, leaning to the side), we then delicately set (just) one side of the shank with our exclusive multi colored calibre cut French Cut diamonds which will never be visually blocked by fingers. The result, a delicate dainty Pinky Ring with it’s gems always fully exposed for the viewers enjoyment.


Design & creator: GemConcepts

1 old cut Ruby, 0.502 carat.

6 French Cut Calibre diamonds, 0.375 carat total.

Total weight for gemstones: 0.877 carats.

18kt red gold, 2.63 grams.

Ring size: – 4 us


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