9.87 carat Antique Ceylon Sapphire Ring


Gem design

An antique Ceylonese Sapphire, estimated to have been fashioned around the turn of the 20th century, Its color is just a beautiful charming pastel toned blue, a perfect resemblance to the beautiful blue colors jeans achieve after just enough wear.

Cut to an old charmed mixed faceting style displaying a unique “stepped” brilliant crown and step cut pavilion. The proportions and attributes of this Sapphire also belong to the old world. Fashioned into flattish (62% depth) proportions exhibiting a unique star contouring a small table.

Its water (transparency) is quite inviting visually and possesses some inclusions barely noticeable with naked eyes but authenticating this Sapphire as a natural wonder.


Ring design

This ring was one of my first works (circa 2014), a collaboration with an extraordinary craftsman that became also a good friend with the years and has exclusively crafted all my jewelry since.
Crafted out of platinum with an attempt to follow jewelry protocols of the early 20th century.

*Designed into a very fine platinum ring with the objective of crowning this beautiful Sapphire gemstone, We did add a vertically designed halo surrounding the gem set with tiny GemConcepts reformed Old European Cut diamonds which are not really noticeable when viewing from top.

Upon its side view, a simple dainty platinum flower designed gallery surrounds the pavilion of the Sapphire (and allowing a mysterious peek of the blue and further sprinkled with tiny GemConcepts Old European diamonds both on the vertical halo (top) and bottom plate below the flowered design.

Additionally, we split the shank into two V shaped design elements extending from the ring to the haloed section and set with a tapering selection of reformed Old European Cut diamonds which are subtly noticeable when viewed from the top.

This ring holds a tiny secret for its wearer, a GemConcepts elongated Old Mine Cut diamond which was carefully set on the very thin interior of the shank bottom.

*designed based on an antique and exquisite ArtDeco ring we saw.


Creator: GemConcepts
Antique Ceylon Sapphire (unheated): 9.87 carats
Measurements: 13.57×11.36×7.04mm.
Old European Cut Diamonds: 1.06 carat
Total weight for gemstones: 10.93 carat
GIA: 5151924079

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