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Capable of stimulating our senses with its rare marvel, light carries some unique attributes enabling us to physically visualise and enjoy its optical properties. Historically, humans have been overwhelmed with this phenomenon both in rough and polished Diamonds, each pursuant to their individual feelings & preferences.

Our simple understanding of the fact that Diamond material conducts light in an extraordinary fashion has developed our curiosity to further investigate how to control our design & cutting process. It pointed us towards education; researching and developing tools which in turn helps us maximize a Diamond’s optical potential.

GemConcepts continues in the path of researchers & developers who have brought historical and up-to-date studies to modern cutting levels of understanding. In our agenda, we aim to further push and break the barriers of current technology limitations while contributing our own intellectual variations such as our artistic views and a broader outlook. By pushing the boundaries of currently available light performance cuts, we discovered the vast possibilities to design Diamond models which carry light at exceptional three-dimensional cut precision levels.

Many researchers & industry professionals claim that Round Brilliant Cuts hold more potential to produce higher light performance results than asymmetrical fancy shapes. This could be likely true, however, this point has yet to be proven.

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