about GemConcepts

About GemConcepts

GemConcepts Ltd. is a Diamond cutting boutique facility “par excellence” which specializes in three main niches.

We bring together high quality Diamonds with expert artisan cutters, trained in the state of the art micro-precision cutting techniques. We at GemConcepts exploit presently available technologies to the fullest while providing the most advanced precision fancy cuts on the market.
Our Research & Development team persists in learning and testing light behavior patterns in Diamond cuts and adamantly applies them to our product offerings. With its artisanal accuracy GemConcepts has introduced a ground-breaking Diamond cutting process to the polished Diamond world which in turn, has generated an original Diamond product with unparalleled added values. Our Diamonds are recognized by jewelers and their clients as a benchmark for fancy shaped Diamonds thanks to their Ideal, meticulous design.
As a company, we consider ourselves innovative and are constantly striving to provide unique and continuously evolving products. GemConcepts fundamentally uses the most up-to-date technologies, R&D and precision cutting, but beyond that we view ourselves as an exclusive Diamond concept with an outright novel philosophy for Diamond cutting & marketing. The foundations of our brand are based on our passion, cutters, originality and ethics.
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